Founded in 2002, by Phillip and Carey Cooper, Cooper Management, LLC (“Cooper Management”, “CM”, or the “Family Office”) is a professional organization that is dedicated to managing, sustaining and growing the Family’s wealth across multiple households and four generations. Cooper Management’s investment priority is achieving attractive long-term, risk-adjusted returns while focusing on principal protection.

Our purpose is providing a platform for the Family to sustain and cultivate its history, heritage, and culture.  We aim to prepare family members to collectively manage, sustain, and grow their wealth across multiple generations. The family office has another, arguably, higher purpose which is to bridge generations in order to create continuity and cohesion for families around their wealth.

We invest in a variety of strategies, including public and private equity, fixed income and real estate. Cooper Management also provides financial and estate planning, trust services, education and other administrative services. Cooper Management strives to maintain the high level of integrity, loyalty and greatness that Phillip and Carey Cooper expected when they began the Family Office over a decade ago, and which will enable them to leave behind a strong legacy of fairness, knowledge and service for the benefit of other Family members.

What We Offer

Cooper Management’s services cover two primary functions – Investment Management and Family Services.  Each are critical to the continuity and sustainability of the Family. We provide these services through a blend of in-house resources and external expertise. Cooper Management offers a differentiated platform with benefits not typically provided by a third-party wealth manager.  We offer dedicated and customizable services at a lower cost relative to other financial institutions.

Family Services

Family services are comprised of a variety of functions that we deem as critical the long-term continuity of the Family’s wealth as well as services that allow for smooth running the Family Office on a day-to-day basis. Examples of this include estate planning, tax preparation, Family Office governance and succession planning, insurance, financing planning and reporting, and information management. To effectively execute these services, we leverage the expertise of in-house and third-party resources.

Investment Management

Investment management activities are at the heart of our service menu and, collectively, are one of the main drivers to ensuring wealth preservation. As part of our investment management services, we oversee asset allocation, capital deployment, portfolio construction, investment due diligence, and asset management. Investment management activities also include performance analytics, constant monitoring, reviewing and rebalancing of portfolios.  Our investment strategy and process are outlined in further detail.


We seek to grow Investable Assets by deploying capital across a variety of strategies that we believe can generate strong risk-adjusted returns and mitigate the risk of capital impairment.  These strategies include cash management, fixed income, public equities, private equity, and real estate.  To execute our strategies successfully, we are constantly evaluating and refining our view of each asset class, Cooper Management’s areas of expertise, and our strategic asset allocation. 


We maintain a rigorous investment process across each strategy, investment vehicle, and investment. Each investment decision maintains measurable qualifications and return thresholds based on the characteristic of the opportunity. Our team is structured to review and evaluate investment opportunities in a framework that includes significant qualitative and quantitative assessment of the key opportunities and risks of each investment.

Cooper Management

Cooper Management

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