About Us

Founded in 2002, by Phillip and Carey Cooper, Cooper Management, LLC (“Cooper Management”, “CM”, or the “Family Office”) is a professional organization that is dedicated to managing, sustaining and growing the Family’s wealth across multiple households and four generations. Cooper Management’s investment priority is achieving attractive long-term, risk-adjusted returns while focusing on principal protection.


Our purpose is providing a platform for the Family to sustain and cultivate its history, heritage, and culture.  We aim to prepare family members to collectively manage, sustain, and grow their wealth across multiple generations. The family office has another, arguably, higher purpose which is to bridge generations in order to create continuity and cohesion for families around their wealth.



Our purpose is to develop, or assist in developing, the financial, human, intellectual and social capital of the families of the descendants of Phillip and Sandra Cooper.


ProvideFinancial Services

To fulfill this purpose, we will provide a variety of services in the areas of financial services, education, governance and administration at a reasonable cost. Additionally, we will partner with outside experts when appropriate and more cost effective.


MaintainHigh Standards

We will always maintain the highest of ethical standards with a fiduciary’s standard of care and focus on honesty, integrity, trust, fairness, objectivity, and confidentiality.


ThriveGrowth & Stability

We will provide all stakeholders with personalized, timely, and accurate services. We will maintain an environment where members can accurately hear each other’s feelings and thoughts.

What We Offer

Cooper Management’s services cover two primary functions – Investment Management and Family Services.  Each are critical to the continuity and sustainability of the Family. We provide these services through a blend of in-house resources and external expertise. Cooper Management offers a differentiated platform with benefits not typically provided by a third-party wealth manager.  We offer dedicated and customizable services at a lower cost relative to other financial institutions.

Our Story

Eli Field was born in 1910 and raised in England. At age 13, he left Liverpool, England for America to meet his father, who had earlier immigrated to Chicago. For a time, Eli worked as a salesman for a box manufacturer but was unfulfilled in his work and thought he could do better. So, with $500, Eli founded Field Container Corp LLP in 1942. Success shortly followed.

Cooper Management

Cooper Management

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